Product Submission

Contact me for shipping information at

Here's the deal, you can wait and hope that eventually I will purchase your product and review it OR your company/agent/PR rep can send tasting samples and I will review it free of charge

GOOGLE Rankings for our reviews have consistently been impressive, almost always being front-page, ahead of other blogs, and sometimes even beating out the product's own website (see below).

If you send me more than one sample (eg. two different products/flavors/vintages), each will be reviewed on a separate day and separate posting.  Reviews are typically posted within two weeks of receipt and take priority over reviews I have purchased independently.  It's cheap, great exposure for your brand.  

Should any product I receive be of less than desirable character, I will give you the option of withholding my posting since you were kind enough to send it for possible review.  This is obviously not the case with products I have purchased independently.  Regardless, all drinks get the same treatment and the published reviews are my genuine opinion.  

Cheers, my friends!


*I do not take any monetary compensation for my reviews.  All reviews are my personal opinion alone and are not affected by promotional samples.  For purposes of full-disclosure, you can assume any and all reviews were samples provided by the parent company or respective PR agency (Although I do purchase some products for review from my own funds, as well).   Either way, all products are all treated equally and fairly.  
All content is copyright and may not be reproduced without permission. 
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