Graffigna Centenario Elevation Red Blend Reserve

Graffigna Centenario Elevation
Red Blend Reserve
Vintage: 2012
San Juan, Argentina

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of wines from Argentina.  Probably a good third of the wines I've reviewed here on Bob's Brew and Liquor Reviews have been from Argentina.  Something about that place is magical... at least for wine making!

So for now, we're looking at reviewing a new wine from Graffigna, their 2012 Centenario Elevation Red Blend Reserve.


Real McCoy Rum

Real McCoy Rum
5 Years Old
40% Alcohol (80 Proof)

This one's been sitting in my liquor cabinet for awhile now, waiting to be reviewed.  After a little hiatus due to all the craziness that life throws at a person, I'm back!  
This is a review of The Real McCoy 5 Year Old Rum.  


Ivanabitch Tobacco Vodka

Ivanabitch Tobacco Vodka
Flavored Vodka
70 Proof (35% Alcohol)

For a little while now, I've talked about some of the crazy flavored vodkas and liqueurs that have been coming out and I've reviewed a few (primarily Smirnoff).  But nothing, and I mean nothing, has even come close to this: TOBACCO VODKA.

That's right.  Let that sink in.

Tobacco... Flavored... Vodka.

Boom!  That's the sound of your mind being blown.  Boom! There it goes again.

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