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Site Update!

Yes, yes, you read correctly...


Bob's Brew and Liquor Reviews is no longer at BUT is now officially its own top-level domain at!

While that may not be super exciting to most of you (or any of you), I'm excited.  I'm moving on up like the Jeffersons (*old reference, I know).

In addition, the blog has undergone a mini-makeover and now doesn't look quite so dark and drab.  It's kind of like that moody chick in school who only wears black, but miraculously one day she comes to school wearing a blue dress.  Shocking.  Except that I'm a man and this isn't a blue dress, it's a blog.  Okay, my analogy made no sense whatsoever.  But, you get my point.

New address.
New look.
New beverage reviews.

Update your bookmarks and check back often.

Cheers, my friends!

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