Bud Light Lime

Bud Light Lime
Flavored American Lager
IBU's: -20? Probably
4.2% Alcohol

Okay, here's the deal, some people love Bud Light and some people love shoving a wedge of lime into their beer bottle.  These people would love this beer.  And would probably drink a ton of it.  Personally, I find that Bud Light does NOT taste like beer.  It tastes too watery and the mouthfeel is just too thin.  Bud Light has never had any discernible hops and in this, I swear the hops are in the negative.  They must take the bitterness out of the water to make it even less bitter than plain tap water.  Seriously.  But, it still manages to taste like Bud Light, but with some sort of artificial, metallic lime flavor.  

Generally, I would hate something like this.  And given the usual circumstances this is true.  HOWEVER, if you have been working outside sweating your balls off doing hard labor, construction, moving rocks, or camping AND if this beer is served COLD AS SHIT, then, and only then, is it amazingly refreshing.  That's really about the only time it can be justified, unless you're a frat boy or a chick.

Drink This: if your ass is sweaty from the blazing heat and you need immediate refreshment, or if you're just drinking to get drunk.
Don't Drink This: if you have class.  Or if it's served warm.  Or if you like beer that actually tastes like beer.

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