Moose Drool

Moose Drool
Big Sky Brewing Co.
Brown Ale
5.1% Alcohol

For those unfamiliar with Big Sky Brewing Company, they are out of Missoula, Montana.  Moose Drool is their signature beer, and reportedly one of the best-selling beers brewed in Montana.  And fortunately, that's for good reason.  I am not sure how they got the name, Moose Drool.  If nothing else, it gets people's attention and that alone, is a good marketing tool.  Real drool from a moose tastes like shit, or so I imagine.  I really don't know.  Don't judge me.  Luckily, this brew does not taste like its name.  

Moose Drool is a pretty straight-forward Brown Ale.  It is a rich, dark brown color, but not as dark as a porter.  It smells like dry cocoa and malt.  The taste is that of a dark, toasty malt and grains.  Any hops in this beer seem to be hiding behind the maltiness.  Nothing really out of the ordinary in the smell or taste department, pretty standard, but well done in that.  

The thing that kind of bugs me about this beer is how thin it is.  It is almost too watery for my tastes, but then again, perhaps all the imperial stouts I drink have made me biased.  One good thing about it having a thinner feel is that you can drink it year-round as it remains somehow light enough to drink during hot weather, unlike things such as imperial and oatmeal stouts which are best enjoyed during snowstorms while wearing a sweater and stroking your beard.  

Regardless, this remains a classic Brown Ale and has a reputation as being many people's preferred Brown Ale.  It is not great, but it is certainly good and makes for an easy-drinking everyday beer that most people seem to enjoy.  I recommend at least trying this once, especially if you're not familiar with Brown Ales.

Drink This: if you want a classic Brown Ale with just enough flavor and depth to please beer snobs, while still being accessible to those who drink watery American lagers.
Don't Drink This: if you don't like beer.  This beer is a good classic and appeals to a wide array of beer drinkers.  It is nothing revolutionary or over-the-top, but it is a standard example of what Brown Ale should be.   

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