Sawtooth Snake River Valley Skyline Red Wine

Skyline Red Wine
Snake River Valley
Nampa, Idaho
Vintage: 2006

When most people think of Idaho, they think of potatoes and wildlife... or if you're a liquor geek, then maybe you think of potato vodka.  Or maybe you're awesome and think of Napoleon Dynamite (yes, it was filmed in the glorious middle of nowhere, Idaho).  But amazingly, even though Idaho looks like this 8 out of 12 months:
...the Sawtooth Winery is still able to somehow grow several grape varietals.  Granted they are in Nampa, a warmer part of the state, but still, who would have thought that growing wine in Idaho would be a good idea.  Certainly not me.

This is the Sawtooth Winery's Skyline Red blend, the 2006 vintage to be exact.  From what I have read, it changes quite a bit in composition each year.  The 2006 is 62% Cabernet Sauvignon, 29% Syrah, 8% Merlot, and 1% Cabernet Franc.  In theory it sounds like it's going to be a great blend, but... maybe not so much.

It pours a dark, brownish ruby red.  It has aromas of dark fruits, prunes, black cherry that carry into the palette much like you'd expect: more dark fruits, cherry, raspberry, raisin, a touch of spice, and something oddly sour and herbal that lingers in the finish (almost like a combination of bay leaf and cilantro).  The tannins are light to moderate.

Overall, this is an interesting wine, if not a touch lighter than I would prefer, but the weird, lingering finish doesn't quite set well with me.  Perhaps my bottle was corked, I don't know.  I will try this again if I get the chance and update this post with the findings.  If this is the way the winemaker intended it, then sorry, I'm not a fan.  

If you want something from Idaho, I suggest sticking to the potatoes, vodka, elk, and venison.  And oh yeah, there's some decent beer, too.  There are probably a few good reasons why Idaho isn't wine country...

Drink This: if, well no, I wouldn't recommend it, at least if my bottle wasn't corked and this is how it was supposed to taste.  I actually used the second half of my bottle to cook a tasty marinara with.
Don't Drink This: exactly.       


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