Bodega Elena de Mendoza Red Blend

Bodega Elena de Mendoza
Red Blend
Vintage: 2010
Origin: Mendoza, Argentina
Alcohol: 13.8%
Every time I see a wine blend not only do I wonder what varieties are in the wine, but why are they blending the wine to begin with?  Are they trying to simply create a new expression or merely blending some sub-par grapes with something else to make a better wine?  Unfortunately, most blended wines tend to be either full of funky, off-flavors or rather bland.

Here we have the 2010 vintage Red Blend from Bodega Elena de Mendoza, obviously out of Argentina.  And what do you expect from Argentina?  That's right, a Malbec.  Previously I've professed my love for Malbecs, but this one is not just Malbec, but a blend with Malbec being the primary varietal at 62%,  with the remainder being 21% Syrah and 17% Bonarda.  Bonarda is an old-school Argentinian grape that was their primary variety prior to the Malbec explosion. 

This wine pours a deep red, almost purple with aromas of plums and raspberry.  The fruit continues onto the palette with more raspberry, black cherries, and a touch of mild herbal notes.  The acidity is pretty mild, as are the tannins.  

This wine is fruity and sweet, without much complexity or anything you'd look for in a more expensive wine.  It's a decent everyday type of wine, maybe enjoyed while watching a movie and eating pizza, but like I said earlier, blends tend to fall into two categories, funky or bland.  This one is clearly the second type.

Drink This: if you want a simple, everyday fruity red wine.
Don't Drink This: if you're hoping it's as good as Bodega Elena de Mendoza's Malbec, because it's not.  Their Malbec is far superior, in my honest opinion.        

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  1. Having recently enjoyed Xtant's Petit Batard red blend, I think that Bodega's Elena de Mendoza is a less expensive but close to equal wine. I consider it to be a wonderful find!


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