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Personalized Flasks from 

I don't review a whole lot of flasks.  Okay, I've never formally reviewed a flask.  I typically only review the tasty juice that goes in them.  But when PersonalizedFlask.net got a hold of me, I knew it would be a good change of pace here at Bob's Brew and Liquor Reviews...
PersonalizedFlask.net makes a whole bunch of different flasks in varying sizes, colors, designs, and gift packs all available for you to buy and all pretty awesome.  Go check them out since there are seriously a lot of options available and some seriously cool stuff.

It seems that flasks have kind of fallen out of favor, but that's unfortunate.  There are some definite occasions where a flask could come in handy... like say golfing, fishing, hunting, or spending time with those certain family members, you all know the ones I'm talking about.  

For my order from PersonalizedFlask.net, I decided to keep it simple and get a classic 8 oz. flask with the Bob's Brew and Liquor Reviews logo and a leather wrapped 6 oz. flask with the logo for my fly fishing brand, North Fork Fly Fishing.  Both are sturdy, stainless steel and come with a lifetime warranty.  The 8 oz. classic flask is just that, classic.  The leather wrapped flask looks classy and really quite cool in person.  I'm pretty happy with both flasks and I'm sure I will put them to good use...

Be sure to check out PersonalizedFlask.net and take a look at the huge variety of cool flasks available.  They have many that would make for great gifts.  Unless you just want to buy one for yourself.  After all, why the heck not?!

Speaking of flasks, it reminds me of the bit Jim Gaffigan did on giving gifts where he mentioned flasks:
It can be hard to give a gift. I can’t believe we’re still giving clothing as a gift, because whenever you get clothing as a gift you open it up and think ‘not even close.’ And the person who gives it is like ‘you can take it back if you don’t like it!’ That’s all right, I’ll just throw it out. Don’t give me an errand. ‘Happy birthday, why don’t you head to the mall for me?’
Did you ever get a candle as a gift? ‘Hey, thanks. You know I have electricity, right?’
My favorite gift I’ve ever received is a flask. I think giving someone a flask is a nice way of saying ‘Hey, you seem like a drunk on the go. You strike me as needing hard liquor at all times.

Cheers, my friends!

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  1. Are the cap "tethers" on those made out of "chromed" plastic? Every flask I see has the same exact part. I saw one for $30 yesterday with that plastic thing. The one I got for $5 from Walmart has the same parts; may as well stick with that.


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