Exclusiv Rose' Vodka

Exclusiv Rosé Vodka
Raspberry Vodka with Rosé Moscato Wine
32% Alcohol (64 Proof)

Exclusiv Rosé Vodka is something I've been meaning to review for awhile.  I've gotten a bit behind on my reviews, but hey, life happens.  What can you do, ya' know?  

Anyway, if you're up at all on the new adult beverage scene, you've no doubt seen or at least heard of Exclusiv Vodka.  They're a relatively new brand to America and are still spreading state to state with distribution as far as I can tell.  But of course, the lovely internet cures any of those problems.  Cha-ching!

Exclusiv Vodka is imported from Moldova, much like some of the other newer liqueurs and wines I reviewed last Fall.  If you're unfamiliar, Moldova is a small country in Eastern Europe but amazingly they make interesting wines and liquor (as my last few bottles of booze from Moldova have shown).  
Let's not beat around the bush here...  Exclusiv Rosé Vodka is a combination of raspberry-flavored winter wheat vodka and rosé moscato wine (made from the muscat grape).  The end result is a 64 proof lovely lady of a drink.  Surprisingly, and luckily, Exclusiv Rosé Vodka is not like most flavored or blended vodkas that are sickeningly syrupy sweet.  Exclusiv Rosé is luscious, exotic, and has just enough sweetness.  It has aromas of real juicy raspberries followed by a bouquet of florals including lilac, lavender, and roses.  Tasting brings flavors of light raspberry jam, cherries, and a smooth hint of mineral water (like many vodkas), with a fruity sweetness that lingers like a soft kiss...
Okay, so that last bit sounds kinda' cheesy but I don't really know how else to describe it.  My bad.  Exclusiv Rosé Vodka tastes as flavored or blended vodka should.  Like I said, it's classy, exotic, and has just the perfect amount of sweetness to avoid being cloying.  

I tasted it straight, on the rocks, mixed with cola, orange juice, apple juice, lemonade, sprite, mango vodka, and a couple other things.  Like I said, I took awhile getting to this one which gave me the time to try it many different ways.  PERSONALLY, I prefer it on the rocks.  That's it.  No mixer.  Nothing else.  Just Exclusiv Rosé Vodka and ice.  Now how many flavored drinks have I said that about?  Probably close to zero, which says something about how tasty this drink is.  Even better is I've heard it's only $10 a bottle.  A freaking steal if you ask me.

Drink This: if you want one of the best bangs for your buck around.  Not only is this cheap, but it's one of the better flavored/blended vodkas on the market right now and considering how flooded the market is with flavored and blended vodkas, that's saying something.
Don't Drink This: if you don't like good deals or tasty, flavored vodkas...

Be on the lookout... more reviews coming soon!

Cheers, my friends!



  1. just bought this on a whim... love it. Will be buying again:)

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