Tanduay Silver Asian Rum

Tanduay Asian Rum
Silver Rum
80 Proof (40% Alcohol)

So, this here is an interesting rum.  We're reviewing the Tanduay Silver Asian Rum.
I've always found rum to be interesting, mostly because of the huge variety of styles and tastes, both spiced, unspiced, gold, silver, etc. and the different regional types.  And if you were to ask Americans about rum, most would bring up Bacardi and Captain Morgan, because well, that's what's advertised here.

BUT! Tanduay is actually the world's top producer for rum!  Is your mind blown yet?!  It's hard to believe, but as Americans, our perspectives on worldwide trends tend to be a bit biased and blinded.  But alas, that's another topic altogether.  

Let's taste this thing...

Tanduay Silver Asian Rum comes in at the usual 80 Proof.  It is "moderately filtered," which I'm certain helps give it more flavor.  It pours a very light straw color.  Aromas come subtly with a light sweetness, a base that's a touch herbacious, followed by underlying tropic notes (think coconut and banana).  Tasting brings a gentle sweetness, smooth bitterness, with more very vague tropical hints (coconut water, pineapple, banana, vanilla) and a minerally almost spicy aftertaste not unlike expensive mineral water.

All in all, a gentle, easy-drinking, notably unique rum.  I could drink enough of this straight without realizing it to easily get me into trouble!  Not only is this great straight (numerous awards show I'm not too far off), but I can only imagine how wonderful this would be as a mixer in dozens of different things.  The subtle underlying tropical tones would really blend well.

Drink This: if you want a unique, but completed recommended silver rum for drinking straight or mixed.
Don't Drink This: if you want a masculine spiced rum (go for Kraken, Captain, Sailor Jerry, or any of the other rums I've reviewed if that's the case).  

Cheers, my friends!!!

Please drink responsibly.

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