Amstel Radler Bier

Amstel Radler
Shandy-Style Fruit Beer
Amsterdam, Holland

Americans tend to have a way of drinking unlike people in other parts of the world.  Whereas in many countries people can easily have a drink with lunch and a drink with dinner and be good, many Americans like to drink for other reasons (ie. to get drunk).  Case in point: shandy-style beers.  Today's review beer, Amstel Radler, is a new shandy-style fruit beer.  
Shandy beers tend to be beer mixed with something else for flavoring, subsequently getting the alcohol content quite low.  How un-American.  To understand this, you have to understand the concept of drinking something purely for refreshment and taste.  How European of me.  And I'm quite alright with this idea.  Cold lemonade on a hot day is amazing.  

Speaking of that, the new Amstel Radler fits that category exactly.  This is beer mixed with lemon juice and other natural flavors.  And NO, this is not like Mike's Hard Lemonade AT ALL.  This is much classier and elegant.  Anyway, let's taste this thing...

Amstel Radler comes in at a low 2.0% which is fine because this isn't about getting a buzz, this is about refreshment and taste.  It pours a slightly hazy subdued yellow hay color with a fizzy head not unlike carbonated soda.  It smells like Lemon Head candy, but more mellow: sweet, candied lemon.  Tasting brings light, soft lemon flavors that aren't cloyingly sweet or sour at all, and a delicate maltiness in the finish.

Amstel Radler is ridiculous refreshing, delicate, and dare I say, classy.  I would take this on any hot day over regular lemonade.  All in all a solid buy if you're not concerned about the low alcohol content, like say chilled alonside lunch, outside on a blistering hot day.  Mmmhhhhhhh...

 Drink This: if you want something clean, refreshing and not too sweet that can be had anytime of day.
Don't Drink This: if you're looking for a regular strength beer and/or strong, bold flavors.



Please drink responsibly. 

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