Fish Eye Sweet Red Wine

Fish Eye Sweet Red 
Alcohol: 13.5%

Recently it seems that many of the hip, young wine drinkers have been rebelling against the dry, oaky red wines of the last generation and been shifting their focus toward sweet red and pink wines.  I was at a wine festival recently where this was most evident by the number of people enjoying regular and pink Moscato and the sweeter Merlots and such, something which I found astonishing!  Who drinks pink wine and sweet reds?!  Well, apparently lots of people now.  It's the new in thing to do.  I also saw an article in Wine Prospector a month or so ago where the hip hop artist Drake reported to drink massive amounts of Moscato.  Not only was I surprised that Drake drinks Moscato, but I was surprised that Wine Prospector would feature Drake.  It made my brain hurt for many reasons.

Anyway, Fish Eye Winery has released a new sweet red wine, hoping to follow these wine trends, which is simply called Fish Eye Sweet Red. No beating around the bush with that kind of name.  Fish Eye Winery is out of South East Australia and is known for making quite a few varietals.  For their Sweet Red, they start with a Shiraz base and blend it with Moscato and other sweet wines.

Fish Eye Sweet Red pours a dark, cherry red.  It smells of sweet strawberries and raspberries.  This carries over into the taste, with pronounced sweet raspberry and strawberry, and a hint of cranberry in the finish.  The tannins are there, but really quite mild.  Fish Eye Sweet Red is as you'd expect, sweet, but the flavors are much deeper than I was expecting.  Typically sweet wines tend to be a bit thin, but this is a bordering on full-bodied which is refreshing to see from a sweet red, which is probably from the Shiraz base.  Whatever it is, it works.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed this!

Drink This: if you want a surprisingly fuller-bodied sweet red wine.  I could see this being enjoyed by newbies to red wine, as well as veterans.  It fills the gap between traditional dry reds and sweet, pink wines.  And with a suggested retail of $7 a bottle, it's definitely worth a try.
Don't Drink This: if you're looking for a dry, oak bomb of a wine.



  1. Where can I buy the Fish eye sweet red in Morgan Hill, CA or Gilroy, Ca or Santa Cruz County, CA?
    Someone gave me a bottle but I can't find it. Thank you Kimberly my e
    mail is kimliretteluce@gmail.com

  2. Where can I purchase the Fish eye sweet red in my area's of Gilroy,CA Morgan Hill,CA or Santa Cruz county,CA
    I really like it. A friend gave me a bottle now we can't find it my email is kimliretteluce@gmail.com

  3. , CT: Greenwood Press (2003), 81.
    [2] Joshua Scodel, Excess and the Mean in Early Modern English Literature, Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press (2002), 207.https://www.ilovewine.com/

  4. The Fisheye Sweet Red has a soft and generous palate and glass liquor decanters leaves a smooth, long lush finish that pairs well with most foods. Perfect for summer.


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