Mama Walker's Glazed Donut Liqueur

Mama Walker's Glazed Donut
Hiram Walker
35% Alcohol (70 Proof).

Awhile back, we reviewed Mama Walker's Maple Bacon Liqueur, a surprisingly realistic tasting, crazy liqueur from our friends at Hiram Walker.  Well, here again, we have another one.  This time it's Mama Walker's Glazed Donut Liqueur.
If you're unfamiliar with Hiram Walker's line of Mama Walker liqueurs, they are all breakfast-themed.  There's a maple bacon, a blueberry pancake, and the glazed donut.  All weigh in at a respectable 70 Proof, which is pretty darn good for a liqueur, especially one that's only priced around $10.

Anyway, I'm not sure if these are intended to be had for breakfast or more of an attention-getting late night random conversation starter, BUT like I said in my last review, all are surprisingly realistic tasting.  That seems to be Hiram Walker's claim to fame in the liqueur game.  And yes, that rhymed.

So, let's take a look, shall we.  Mama Walker's Glazed Donut Liqueur pours crystal clear, without the slightest hint of color.  It smells pretty much like a quality vanilla extract, which isn't too bad actually.  Tasting brings flavors that are pretty dang similar to many of the recent whipped cream type vodkas: vanilla extract, buttercream frosting, and syrupy sugar notes.  In the finish lingers a slight yeasty breadiness that actually does hint at a soft, fresh donut.  The alcohol is pretty well hidden beneath all the vanilla and sugar.  

All in all, not too shabby.  I've tried mixing this with all sorts of things to get a good feel for it.  It mixes pretty well anywhere you'd otherwise use a whipped cream vodka (ie. root beer, orange soda, orange juice, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, or I'm sure with several other kind of fruit juice).  A great bargain at around $10 and 70 Proof.  And sure, it's sweet as hell, but hey, it's called GLAZED DONUT.  What do you expect?!

Drink This: if you want a sweet, vanilla-centric liqueur that rivals the big name whipped cream vodkas at a fraction of the price.
Don't Drink This: if you have diabetes. 

Cheers, my friends!

Please drink responsibly.    

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