Jacob's Creek Red Blend Wine

Jacob's Creek Red Wine Blend
Vintage: 2012
South Eastern Australia

So, this is the second wine from Jacob's Creek that I have officially reviewed, but I'm certain I've tasted a couple others over the last two years since I reviewed their Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir.
What we have here is the 2012 Jacob's Creek Red Wine Blend.  This wine is 66% Shiraz, 18% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Grenache, and 4% Petite Verdot, all from the South East of Australia.

Now, I'm a fan of Australia wines, almost as much as wines from Argentina.  Almost.  Anyway, let's see what we have here:
The 2012 Jacob's Creek Red Blend pours a dark maroon color that verges on violet.  Predominantly are black cherry aromas with hints of raspberry, vanilla, and holiday spices.  Tasting brings a medium-weight mouthfeel with more black cherry, strawberries, a surprising hint of rose petal, and a subtle bit of toasty oak and mild tannins in the finish.

All in all, a solid red wine under $10.  This is the kind of wine you can drink just about any day without being disappointed.  Pair it with pizza, burgers, Mexican food, or heck, whatever you want.  It's mild, but tasty enough, to go with just about anything.

Drink This: if you want a very solid red for less than $10.
Don't Drink This: if you're looking for something to knock your socks off.  This is a mild, yet pleasantly drinkable, everyday wine.


Please drink responsibly.       


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