Black Swan Shiraz

Black Swan Shiraz
2010 Vintage
Origin: South Eastern Australia
Alcohol: 13.4%

A lot of people get confused by the difference between Shiraz and Syrah wines, and will often assume they are completely different varieties.  But, as I said in my review of the impressively long-named 2007 Wyndham Estate George Windham Founder's Reserve Langhorne Creek Shiraz, they are technically the same grape.  But even the same grape grown in different conditions will yield quite the different wines.  Essentially, Shiraz tends to be heavier and more jammy, whereas Syrah is typically lighter, spicy, and more acidic.  This difference is largely due to, as I said, growing conditions and what flavor profile the winemaker is trying to produce.  Using the basic flavors as a guide for each style, you can then have at least some idea of what to expect from say, a California-grown Syrah. 

Well, here we have another Shiraz, this time it's the 2010 Vintage of the Black Swan Shiraz.  It pours a dark ruby and has aromas of raspberry and pepper.  On the palette, I got sweet cherry, raspberry, and a peppery finish.  The tannins are moderate to mild, as is the body.  

All in all, this is a pretty straightforward, simple red wine.  It's not complex, it's not luscious, and it's fairly sweet for a red.  So, if that's your style, go right ahead.  It's actually pretty easy-drinking and likely to be enjoyed even by those who aren't huge red wine fans.  There's nothing bad here, just lots of mediocrity.

Drink This: if you want a simple, everyday red wine. 
Don't Drink This: if you're looking for complexity and huge, mouth drying tannins.  This has neither, but as far as budget wines go, you could do much worse. 


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