Chocolato Wine

Chocolato Wine
Origin: Moldova
Alcohol: 14%

Yes, you are seeing correctly.  Chocolate wine.  

Let me repeat that.  CHOCOLATE WINE.  Normally, you think of the two as going together, but not one in the same.  Take a bite of chocolate, take a sip of wine.  Well, now you can have the two together.  And surprisingly, there are actually a few other brands making chocolate wine now.  This particular bottle is the Chocolato Wine, made in Moldova.  

Don't know where Moldova is?  Let Bob help you.  
It's right here:
So? Chocolate wine you say?  What's in it?  Well, this bottle is made from "grape wine, milk, cocoa, and caramel color."  It boasts that it's less calories than chocolate wine made with heavy cream.  But, is it as good?  Who knows, because actually this is the first chocolate wine I've ever tried.

Chocolato Wine pours a light chocolately brown and looks identical to chocolate milk.  No joke.  If I poured this for you in a regular glass, you'd think it was chocolate milk.  It smells chocolatey and creamy.  And guess what?  It tastes like chocolate milk, too!  Chocolate, cream, sugar is really all you get as far as notes.  I might get a hint of wine taste if I strive for it, but that could just be my imagination.  Surprisingly, all of the sugar comes from the grape wine, itself, but remarkably it tastes just like a great chocolate milk.  I don't know what varietal of grape they use in this, but it works.

I let several people try this and everyone thought it was delicious, wine lovers and haters alike.

An alcoholic chocolate milk made from wine?  Here you go!  Tasty stuff.

Drink This: if you love chocolate milk and want to try a grown-up version made from wine.
Don't Drink this: if you're underage.  Seriously, if you gave this to a kid, they wouldn't know the difference between it and regular chocolate milk.  The 14% alcohol is completely hidden and it's sweet without being cloyingly so.  Go buy a bottle, at least to try it once even if you don't like wine.  You may be surprised... 



  1. I love this wine, but store where I bought it, no longer sells it. Was wondering where I could purchase some more. Thanks

  2. lee's liquor store in las vegas

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