Homemade Bacon and Wild Crawdads

Homemade Bacon & Wild Crawdads

Okay, so this isn't an alcohol review like usual.  
My bad.  
I just want to share a couple cool pictures I took.   

Yes, that's a slab of homemade bacon, dry-cured and hickory smoked, by me!  



I did slice it later, of course, but I thought this was an amazingly drool-inducing picture.  This is classic hickory, but my last couple pounds of bacon were peach wood smoked.  

And just FYI, this was dry-cured which is the old school artisinal method, whereas most modern produced bacon is wet-cured.  This lends a slightly different flavor profile and a different texture when cooked, which I happen to prefer over the mainstream store-bought bacon.  The people who don't understand others' love of bacon have never tried it homemade.  
But I digress....

Anyway, here is a pic of some wild crawdads (aka crawfish) I caught within 15 minutes of my house, then cooked in a Cajun-style boil and served with melted butter.  Kind of like lobster.  

Also delicious.  :)

More alcohol reviews on the way.  
Stay tuned...


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