Lucky Duck Malbec

 Lucky Duck Malbec
Origin: Argentina
Alcohol: 13%

Malbec Grapes
Lucky Duck wine is made by Walmart.  Okay, well, technically I believe it's just imported and bottled by Walmart.  Nobody knows who actually makes this stuff.  But, Walmart wine? Seriously? Anyway, the Lucky Duck line of wines have several varieties that are supposed to be representative of the major wine categories.  In the world of cheap wines, Lucky Duck has a couple things going for it.  Firstly, it has simple, attention-grabbing bottles, with each having a slightly different design with a drunken duck (I'm assuming he's drunk, look at him, he's smashed).  Secondly, it only costs $3.99 a bottle.  That's right, it's cheap, cheap, cheap.  

Lucky Duck's Malbec pours a dark, clear ruby, almost purple.  It smells like mild blackberries, but it pretty muted otherwise.  You taste it and get some moderately tart raspberry notes with very weak tannins, and an abrupt finish.  Is it bad? No, especially in the realm of cheap wines.  Is it a good representation of Malbec? Not at all.  It lacks the depth, tannin, and wonderful earthiness that make Malbecs awesome.  It is pretty much a one-note wine that tastes more like a weak Cabernet Sauvignon.  But, it's Walmart... what do you expect?  It would still pair well enough with tomato-based pasta and pizza dishes if you aren't looking for something more complex and rich. 

Lucky Duck's Malbec is good enough if you want an extremely cheap, red wine.  Personally, I would rather pay a couple more dollars and get some Malbec that tastes like Malbec.  But, I've had worse cheap wine, that's for sure.             

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