2009 Big House: The Usual Suspect - Cabernet Sauvignon

2009 Big House: The Usual Suspect -
Cabernet Sauvignon
90% Cabernet Sauvignon
10% Grenache
Origin: California
Alcohol: 13.5%

Cabernet Sauvignon has become one of the biggest, most popular red wine varieties EVER.  So it's only logical that a company like Big House Wines would take their stab at it.  Big House Wines is a company that makes great wine, but like I said in my review of their "Naked" Chardonnay, they don't worry about taking themselves too seriously which is, well, a good change of pace.

Big House's Cabernet Sauvignon contains 10% Genache which really helps to liven things up.  It pours a dark maroon, almost purple.  It has aromas of dark toasted plums, vanilla, and a touch of spice.  You sip and get the suspected plum notes, dark blackberries, and a touch of coffee and dark chocolate in the finish.  The tannins are moderately drying, but pretty balanced.  This wine is VERY drinkable, so beware.
Drink This: if you want a lively Cabernet Sauvignon for really quite the bargain ($10 and under).  This comes in standard 750 mL bottles, but I honestly suggest their 3L size since you will likely be drinking quite a bit of this. 
Get this 3L one!
Don't Drink This: if you want a "fancy" red wine.  The cartoon label should tell you loudly enough that this wine isn't pretentious, but it certainly is drinkable and tasty...        

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