Hiram Walker Whipped Cream and Recipes

Hiram Walker Whipped Cream
Imitation Liqueur
35% Alcohol (70 Proof)

I'm still trying to find something my wife will drink, which believe me, has been no easy task.

She is just soooooooo picky.  

But, I still love her. 

There have been a couple good contenders that she will actually drink from time to time (see the reviews of Smirnoff Whipped Cream Vodka and Disaronno), but conversely there have also been a ridiculous amount of failed attempts (see Smirnoff Melon), most of which I have never formally reviewed.

Fortunately since my wife enjoyed Smirnoff Whipped Cream Vodka, and to a lesser degree their Marshmallow Vodka, both mixed with root beer, orange juice, or cola, I was excited to have a bottle of Hiram Walker's new Whipped Cream Liqueur show up at my door.  

Hiram Walker always seems to be coming out with new flavors a couple times a year.  The ones which I have previously reviewed have been surprisingly good for only costing around $10 a bottle (Check out all my Hiram Walker reviews here).  Apparently Whipped Cream flavored booze is becoming all the rage.  So if Hiram Walker wants to enter the ring and face off Chuck Norris-style with Smirnoff's Whipped Cream Vodka and Pinnacle's Whipped Vodka, fine by me!

Hiram Walker's new Whipped Cream comes in a spiffy pretty blue bottle, despite the booze being crystal clear.  It's technically an "imitation liqueur," which is a bit confusing and honestly I didn't know what that meant exactly... 

So, being the booze nerd that I am, I looked it up.  

Apparently there is a limit on how much vanillin plus ethyl vanillin (<40 parts per million) and maltol plus ethyl maltol (<250 parts per million) can be used in an alcoholic product designated as a "liqueur."  If the combined levels reach past either of these limits it has to be labeled "imitation liqueur."  This is because by definition liqueur is a distilled alcohol flavored with natural ingredients and bottled with additional sugar (although the US does allow small additions of artificial ingredients and colorings). Maltol has aromas of cotton candy and caramel, and vanillin, obviously, is a synthetic vanilla flavoring.  My guess would be that this Hiram Walker Whipped Cream contains over these limits of both maltol and vanillin, hence its designation as "imitation liqueur." 

Okay, enough nerding out. 
Back to the drinking...

This is Hiram Walker's new baby and I'm excited that unlike some of their other liqueurs and schnapps, it's a respectable 70 Proof.  It smells of straight up buttercream frosting, loads of vanilla, sugar, and cream.  Tasting brings forth a smooth mouthful of sugary vanilla, with a nice creamy finish. 

This is considerably smoother and sweeter than Pinnacle Whipped and less artificial tasting than Smirnoff Whipped Cream Vodka.  These are the only three whipped cream flavored drinks that I've tried thus far, but honestly, Hiram Walker's is easily the best of the bunch.  It's sweet, creamy, smooth, and the cheapest (Retails for only $9.99).  Granted this isn't my usual type of drink, but for my wife and her girly friends, it's a great option.

So, there you go.  Now some RECIPES courtesy of Hiram Walker:

“Whipped Russian”
1 part Hiram Walker Whipped Liqueur
1 part Kahlua
½ part half & half
Shake well with ice.  Strain over crushed ice and serve

“Whipped Cream-Sicle”
1 part Hiram Walker Whipped Liqueur
1 ½ parts Absolut Mandrin
Club Soda
Shake with ice Hiram Walker Whipped Liqueur and Absolut Mandrin.  Strain into tall glass with ice.  Top with club soda, garnish with an orange wheel

“Hot Chocolate Whipped”
1 part Hiram Walker Whipped Liqueur
4 parts Hot Chocolate
Pour hot chocolate into mug, add Hiram Walker Whipped Liqueur and serve

1 part Hiram Walker Whipped Liqueur
1.5 parts Hiram Walker Triple Sec
1.5 parts Cranberry Juice
.5 part fresh lime juice
Shake all ingredients in shaker and strain into chilled cocktail glass.  Garnish with an orange twist

Or you can always mix Hiram Walker Whipped Cream with orange juice (Creamsicle) or root beer (Root Beer Float) or cola (I don't know what that would be called, Whipped Coke?) or with your morning coffee if you want to get the day started with a bang!  Now I just need to see if my wife will adopt another favorite for her mixed drinks!

Drink This: if you want a sweet, smooth whipped cream flavored booze. 
Don't Drink This: if you don't like sweet things.




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