Steel Reserve High Gravity Lager

Steel Reserve
Steel Brewing Company
High Gravity Lager Beer (Malt Liquor?)
Alcohol Content: 8.1%

Who drinks Steel Reserve out of a fancy glass?

This guy.

Okay, so more than anything I thought it was funny pouring a cheap beer into a fancy glass, kind of like when I tasted Tilt Blue Raspberry out of a stemless wine glass.  But with its boozy 8.1% alcohol, it is kind of fitting in a weird, sinful way.

Steel Reserve is one of those bottom shelf beers you always see in gas stations and supermarkets.  

It's cheap.
Like ridiculously cheap.
Like as cheap as Olympia and Natural Light, and cheaper than Keystone.  

But the one thing Steel Reserve has going for it is alcohol content.  It's a respectable 8.1%.  And while, yes, that's not necessarily a ton compared to a lot of craft beers, this stuff is a fraction of the cost.  Literally.  Like 50-60 cents a can here.  That's cheaper than soda and a lot more fun.

Steel Reserve calls their beer a "High Gravity Lager," although it could technically be called a malt liquor since it's obviously made with adjunct ingredients (e.g. corn, rice, etc.) instead of just barley.  They report that it is slow brewed for 28 days and with extra barley.  I don't know if that really makes it any better, but whatever.  Let's taste this brew...

Steel Reserve pours a light golden amber with a thin, bubbly and quickly disappearing head.  It smells of sweet malts, corn, hints of wheat bread, and harsh alcohol.  Tasting brings flavors of sweet fermented corn, lightly toasted malts, sourdough bread, memories of high school drunkenness, and a big hit of harsh booziness.  

While this is one of the more drinkable malt liquor-type beers (considerably better than Olde English), it still isn't great in the grand scheme of things.  It's a bit too sweet and harsh, but hey it's cheap and it succeeds in what it's meant for: getting you a cheap buzz.  
And for that, Steel Reserve, I commend you.

Drink This: if you want a a strong, above-average, cheap ass beer.
Don't Drink This: if you don't like a sweet, funky, trashy malt liquor.




  1. I dare you to try Camo silver/black ice.

    Just as boozy, and just as bottom shelf. The liquor store I used to work at in St. Charles,MO used to carry it, but then we stopped.

    1. I've heard of it, but have yet to see it in any local stores. I'm going to have to track it down! I'm always up to try random crappy brews. :)

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  3. this beer is swill! Super nasty! stick to Bud Ice for a cheap above average AC lager!

  4. I am surprised you liked it better than Olde English. I tried this one on a lark, when a friend handed me a can and said try this. I should have known better cause he was going through a divorce at the time (his crazy wife cheated on him with his boss) and knew he had been on a bender since he moved into his brothers garage. I also probably should have guessed when the can he handed to me was a 24 oz liver pounder. I got about one gulp down and my stomach immediately knotted up and I got this weird feeling between my upper jaw and ears. Thought I was going to puke but somehow I got it down - might as well finish it. Then he offered me a 24oz of the black can version and it was equally repulsive. The only people who drink this shit are desperate liberal arts students, guys who just got divorced, and street alcoholics.

  5. A teaspoon of sugar mixed in it makes it real good.

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