Tanilla Porter

Tanilla Porter
Knee Deep Brewing Company
IBU's: 30
Alcohol Content: 6.3%
Every time I go to my favorite wine/beer cellar they're always trying to get me to buy one beer...


And I've had Tanilla a few times at a restaurant, so I know what it's like.  But every time I go in to this store, without fail, they try to get me to buy some.  I even give in a little and will take a small free couple ounce sample every now and then.  Okay, I will always take a free sample.

Well, I finally gave in and bought a bottle from them.  They wore me down and it worked. 

So now, we dance!  

I mean... review.  Well, you can dance if you want to, but I'm going to write this review.

Tanilla is a porter from Knee Deep Brewing Company out of Lincoln, California.  When you pour it, it looks remarkably like cola, from the color to the carbonation that only forms a meager, short-lasting head.  It smells of medium-roasted malts, coffee, and vanilla.  Tasting brings about a good bit of vanilla bean, roasty malts, and a bittersweet finish.  

Now, this isn't a terrible beer, but with all the hype the guys at the wine cellar give it, I would expect more.  Afterall, that's where I typically buy The Abyss.  Bottom line, this is a thin, simple vanilla-flavored porter.  I've heard they make an Imperial Tanilla which I bet is a helluva lot more badass. 

Personally, I prefer my porters with a little more girth.  

Drink This: if you want a basic vanilla-flavored porter.
Don't Drink This: if you want a big, burly porter. 


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