Smirnoff Ice Cherry Lime

Smirnoff Ice Cherry Lime
Flavored Malt Beverage
Alcohol Content: 4.5%

The other day my wife picked up some drinks for her sister's birthday party.  Now normally, I'm the one trying to find drinks my wife will enjoy, rarely does she pick them out.  
But this time, she did.

I'm actually surprised she chose the Cherry Lime Smirnoff Ice.  I don't know why, I guess I just didn't think it was a flavor she would really enjoy.  

Shows what I know!  

If you've read through some of my past reviews, you'll no doubt know that I've been on a quest for years trying to find drinks my wife will enjoy on any sort of regular basis.  She's just soooooo picky and doesn't like any drinks where you can actually taste the alcohol.  She would never be caught drinking bourbon on the rocks or even regular beer.  
Just not her style.  It's all good.  

She seems to enjoy Disaronno mixed with cola or cranberry juice or Smirnoff Whipped Cream Vodka mixed with orange juice, root beer, or splashed in with the aforementioned Disaronno cocktails.  Regardless, there's not much else she'll drink more than a time or two before going back to Disaronno.  It's slowly becoming her thing.

So anyway, she bought a six pack of Smirnoff Ice Cherry Lime.  She says she enjoyed it, yet after the party she returned home with a couple left.  I don't know what that says about her or her friends since I wasn't there, but to me, taking a sixer to a party and returning home with a couple says most people weren't a fan OR they were hitting something else hard.
Regardless, it gave me the opportunity to taste it and review it.  
Can't complain about that!

Smirnoff Ice Cherry Lime pours a rather fizzy and crystal clear.  It smells of mineral water that's been flavored with cherry candy and a hint of lime.  Tasting it reveals an extremely crisp, clean, and refreshing drink that almost tastes like Sprite with a bit of mild cherry flavor and a vaguely limey aftertaste.  They used to make a Tropical Sprite soda and if you ever tried that, it's almost identical tasting to this.  I'm actually surprised with how toned down the sweetness is here.  Don't kid yourself, it's still sweet, but it seriously tastes like Sprite with a touch of cherry and a hint of lime.  

I honestly found it remarkably better than I was expecting.  Crisp, clean, and refreshing when chilled ice cold.  I cannot taste the alcohol whatsoever, which is always a plus in a girly drink.  

Maybe someone should take away my Man Card right now because I actually kind of like this stuff...

Drink This: if you want a drink that tastes a lot like Sprite with a little something extra.
Don't Drink This: if you don't like sweet, girly drinks.  This definitely isn't a manly drink.  Far, far from it, but still one of the better flavored malt beverages I've tried.




  1. This is good for a butt chugging experience. Sweet!

  2. I have butt chugged the cherry lime and I love it! (^u^)

  3. You're so concerned about your "manliness", it gets annoying to read. I came here for the alcohol review not you reassuring the reader every paragraph that you're a big strong man who can handle and enjoy stronger manlier drinks. Get over it dude.

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