Germain-Robin Single Barrel Colombard Brandy

Germain-Robin Single Barrel Colombard Brandy
23 Years Old
42.8% Alcohol (85.6 Proof)

Colombard Grapes
For some, brandy can be a rather polarizing drink.  While many people love wine, only some of those love brandy and usually not until later in their lives.  However, Germain-Robin's Single Barrel Colombard is exactly the type of brandy that could turn non-brandy drinkers into brandy lovers.  This is fantastic stuff.

Germain-Robin's Single Barrel Colombard was aged for 23 years in a single Limousin oak barrel, unblended, and brought to bottling proof (85.6 proof) with filtered rainwater.  According to Germain-Robin,

Colombard was the preferred grape of Cognac in the 1800s, before phlloxera; this show you why.  The river-bottom soil of the Hildreth ranch contains peat: you can taste it.

This brandy received an impressive score of 97 by Wine Enthusiast.  

Germain-Robin's Single Barrel Colombard pours a rich, golden hue.  On the nose, it has very soft hints of fruit and a subtle mustiness.  Upon first sip, you are greeted with a complex, rich flavor, yet with a silky and velvety mouthfeel that is common only to the finest spirits.  You can certainly taste peat in the background, giving this brandy a unique and welcome depth.  It genuinely is one of the smoothest, softest, most elegant brandies I have had the pleasure of drinking.  Like I said earlier, this could easily turn non-brandy drinkers into brandy-lovers.  Hopefully with time I can taste some of their other single barrel offerings.  Amazing stuff.

Drink This: if you want a ridiculously soft and smooth, complex brandy.  If you already love brandy, you will adore this.

Don't Drink This: if you don't appreciate delicate, craft spirits.                


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